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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your policy with regard to cancellations and missed sessions?

We understand that circumstances arise from time to time that require cancellations and rescheduling of sessions. We will work with you to find alternate times and options for scheduled sessions that you are unable to attend. We request that you give at least 24 hours notice prior to a cancellation, so that the time may be allotted to another patient in need. If such notice is not given prior to a missed session, it is our general policy to charge the usual fee for that missed session. Insurance carriers generally will not reimburse for missed appointment charges.

What insurance plans do you accept?

Please contact the physician you wish to meet with and inquire directly as to that physician’s policies with regard to insurance coverage and billing. Dr. Boosey is currently an out-of-network provider for insurance plans. 

What are your policies regarding confidentiality?

In general, information divulged in a psychiatric session is kept strictly confidential. Your consent will be obtained before sharing or discussing any information with outside providers of care or family members. There are some limitations to this rule, specifically with regard to situations that may arise where your physician feels there is a direct threat of physical harm involved.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments in the form of cash and personal checks. At this time, we do not accept credit or debit cards.

Are you available for consultation by phone in between sessions?

We generally attempt to respond to all questions left on voice mail in a timely fashion. If there are urgent concerns or difficulties you are struggling with, we would generally prefer to hear about such difficulties sooner rather than later. If the phone conversation is brief, such as scheduling a session or managing a medication refill, there are no charges for such services. However, if a phone discussion involves extended contact and clinical decision making, such calls are charged at the usual session rates.

Do you work in “split-treatment” with psychotherapists in the community?

We generally feel that the combination of psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy provided by one trained individual is superior to split treatment. However, we do work with certain therapists and psychologists with whom we are able to maintain close communication and effective working relationships.

What is your policy with regard to email communications?

While email can be an effective tool for communication, there are some problems with its use as a part of ongoing psychiatric treatment. The inability to ensure complete confidentiality in such communications is a key area of concern. For this reason and others, we generally prefer to communicate in person or by phone when consultation is indicated. 

Do you offer couples or marital therapy?

Dr. Parks has experience and training in the specific area of marital therapy. Such therapy is typically conducted in weekly sessions, and every effort is made to offer meeting times that are manageable for both members of the couple. Dr. Boosey works directly with parents to help their children and family function better. He does not however offer marital therapy.


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